What's Is It About NYC?

February 26, 2018


Have you noticed that The Dawn novels always begin in New York? Why? It's where I grew up. I grew up in Queens and spent my youth obsessed with the city--the cultures, the smell, the people, the noise. I loved it all.


Check out the photo below. That's Harlem, New York in the 197O's (I could pinpoint the year if I wanted to. Ha! Not gonna happen.). I'm the little girl with the ponytails. I look kind of tall but I wasn't even in first grade yet. That's my brother to the left of me. I don't know who the other people are, but I seemed to be focused on whatever they were purchasing. Check out the sideburns on that guy with his hat cocked to the side. That's a cool cat right there. Hee-hee.


In book three of the series, The People of the Prophecy (coming soon), someone asks, "What is it about New York?" The answer comes from a member of the faction that was native to the city.  "New York is alive. It has a heartbeat and a soul. It exists in a way that no other city does. It's a learning center for life that opens its arms and embraces you while wiping away every illusion and preparing you to be tenderized and swallowed whole with no apologies. You graduate ready to take on anything. That's when the true beauty of the city is revealed. Even after destruction, she still lives. We will forever be drawn to her."


Singing in my Frank Sinatra voice, "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..."

Book two of The Dawn series, The Day of Awakening, begins in New York, but visits many other locations including Massachusetts, Hawaii, Amsterdam, and Austria.  Below you will find a slide show of some of the settings of The Day of Awakening. Use the arrows to scroll through the slideshow. Mouse over the bottom of the photos for descriptions. 


Haven't read the book yet? Get it here!


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What's Is It About NYC?

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