Auri Blest

Auri Blest resides in Seminole, Florida with her husband, and is the author of The Dawn tetralogy, She is Wisdom, and the upcoming Sleepers series. She enjoys inspiring young adults through fantasy, science fiction, and suspense, engaging both heart and mind with stories that draw from her own life experiences, a vivid imagination, and a love for all things science, technology, and adventure related.








"Welcome everyone! Thank you so much for visiting. There are so many great writers, and wonderful books out there. I encourage everyone to turn off the television and read. Pick up that old hobby again. Write, draw, paint, dance, or create music.  Why? People like me are waiting for you. We are blessed by your creativity. Feel free to contact me about anything and everything regarding my novels. I personally read and respond to every email."  ~Auri Blest


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